In Prague

Did you ever think about special massage? You are still in work, so you really need relax your muscles and also your mind? We know that it is sometimes really hard to find good concern, where you can relax. Someone likes swimming pool, someone else try only sitting in front of TV and have a rest on his coach, but someone is so clever and he´ll come to our salon for special erotic massage. It is nothing bad if you don´t know that, because it is quite new thing in our republic, so you can try it like complete new service.

Whenever you want

We don´t have any time, when you cannot arrive into our salon, because we have order system, so you can see everything on websites. You can call us or write over contact form and we will tell you if it is possible to come and when there will be any problem, we will find new term for you along your wish. You can also choose type of your procedure before you come, or if you would like to choose along your mood, you can choose procedure then in salon. We are here for you whenever you want, so try our services and you´ll not bemoan.

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